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Football Sessions - 3 months

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Football is a game that requires the person playing it, to have strong body muscles especially strong legs and ace techniques especially the presence of mind to excel. This sport not only helps you stay fit, but also keeps your body agile and strong. Therefore, Sportslantic brings to you Football Training Sessions that will help you master this sport with ease, especially under the surveillance of certified coaches. Sportslantic is a Mumbai based Sports Academy that holds training sessions for numerous games, some of which are basketball and cricket. Football classes are held at the academy for boys and girls between the age group of 5-20 years.

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Football is a game that requires a lot of energy. Though it may seem simple to our eyes playing Football does require a lot of physical stamina and strong reflex actions. It is not easy to perform all Football exercises by yourself, you need help to learn and master the game well before you actually play it. This game requires the person playing it to be physically strong, flexible, powerful and agile and possess good coordination. All these qualities come with practise and perfect training. Hence, Sportslantic offers Football Training Sessions at their academy for boys and girls between the age group of 5-20 years. Sportslantic is a decade old Sports Academy, known to train more than 15,0000 students right from level zero, in various sports like football, basketball, cricket and many other games. Sportslantic is the only company in India known to implement the Human Kinetic Physical Education Program called “Fitness For Life” as a subject in physical education in all schools. It is the world's most accepted and recognised institute for its contribution to sports. Choosing Sportslantic is not only an apt decision, but also a smart one. Training at Sportslantic comes with added benefits, some of which include drinking water facility, sanitation and parking for students and parents. Children and adults alike are trained here on a large ground that measures up to 70M x 40M. Moreover, they are trained by accredited coaches that supplement them with extra training and facilities like 9a side matches. So, if you are looking for a good sports training institute for your child, your search ends here at Sportslantic.

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