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How To Buy A Good Treadmill


People today are starting to become more concerned with their health and well being. For this reason, fast food restaurants are listing nutritional facts, gyms are offering specials on membership, and individuals are looking for easy ways to lose weight. The marketing industry has picked up on this trend and that is what makes it so difficult when you are looking to buy a treadmill. With so many different styles, choices, features, and prices being offered, how can you decide which treadmill is right for you?

To start off, treadmills are great investments when you are looking for exercise tools. Because it is so natural to walk or run, people get more satisfaction and usage out of treadmills. The odds are better that you will adopt and keep a good work out system going longer than with other, alternative means of exercise.

One of the biggest factors when looking at purchasing a new treadmill is the price- how does it compare to other models and brands? Most individuals on the market for one of these work out tools are probably going to invest a significant amount of money for one; it is definitely true that you get what you pay for. When looking for a treadmill based on price, it is important to compare each one in your price range, keeping in mind that there are usually sales and discounts that are being offered as well.

The next feature that merits attention is the motor of the treadmill and the amount of horsepower. This is extremely important since the motor of this machine is getting more of a work out than you are. Unfortunately, this part tends to be a little tricky since there are many different ratings. The number that you want to look at is the "continuous duty rating," ideally you want a machine that falls in the 1.5-2.5 HP range.

Other ratings that you may notice include the "peak duty" and the "treadmill duty," these numbers are less important to worry about. Preferably you should look for a model that boasts at least a one year warranty on it's motor. Additionally, many people complain that their treadmills run too loudly- a DC motor, or direct current, tend to be the quietest types on the market today.

Another aspect to consider would be its stability and how smooth it's ride is. When you are looking at the different models, wear your work out tennis shoes and test them out. If you experience any that are shaky or jerky, eliminate them immediately. Examine the hand rails- Do they appear sturdy? Can they steady you? Are they in a position that you could easily grip them without interfering with your arm motion?

One of the main things that individuals complain about is boredom when they are working out or exercising. Try to look for a brand of treadmills that has the most preset and/or programmable workouts to change and vary your incline and pace. Many models also offer a pulse monitor which is needed for a lot of specific work outs based upon your heart rate. Other features that are usually offered include a place for your water bottle and a book or magazine, an outlet for video or audio players, and some newer models even have a spot for internet connection.

Another complaint many people have about their treadmills is the amount of noise and space they use. If you had planned on watching your favorite TV shows while running, could you hear them over the noise of your machine? Will it take up all of the space in your guest bedroom or office? Check the dimensions of the model you are interested in and compare that with the space you have designated for it, both folded and open for use.

In conclusion, making the decision to purchase a treadmill is a very good idea. It is a very popular way of getting exercise and it is known for all of the conveniences they offer. However, there are literally countless numbers of different makes and models that are being sold today in stores so having an idea of what aspects are most important to you will help in your decision making process.

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